Application for COVID-19 Extension of Registration

Research Degrees Committee

Form RDC3c

Application for COVID-19 Extension of Registration

(Emails from the student and Director of Studies, with the attachment of the PDF output from the submitted online form, confirming their approval of the submission, will be required in lieu of their signatures.)

Purpose of the RDC3c Form: 

This form should be used by research students who wish to apply for an extension of time and, if a funded student, for an extension of funding on the grounds that their studies have been significantly disrupted by COVID-19. All research students, at any stage in their programme, who are continuing as registered students in study during the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible to apply for an extension of time. The extension of time is the time required to adjust to the disruptions and recover the research plan.  

The student-supervisory team should work together to jointly submit this form. We recommend the team read carefully the following documents before drafting their application and submitting it online.

  1. COVID-19 Related Extension Policy and Process for Research Students
  2. Guidelines for completing the RDC3c form:  Application for COVID-19 Related Extension of Registration
  3. Case study scenarios for COVID-19 related extensions